ASF Fellows

Fellows of the Australian Securitisation Forum are professionals who have worked for member organisations, have demonstrated extensive experience in securitisation, and have contributed to the ASF and advancement of the securitisation or covered bond markets in Australia. 

New ASF Fellows will be announced at the annual Australian Securitisation conference gala dinner. Fellows will enjoy a lifetime complimentary delegate pass to all ASF events, and recognition of their contribution to the Australian securitisation market on the ASF website.



Any ASF member can submit a nomination to the ASF National Committee. The nomination should address the following eligibility criteria: 

  • in the opinion of the National Committee of the ASF, have wide and extensive experience in either of the Australian securitisation or covered bond markets; 
  • have at least seven years in a senior role in the industry; 
  • have made a significant and positive contribution to the securitisation or covered bond markets beyond those ordinarily expected;
  • participated constructively in ASF national committee, sub-committees or working groups; 
  • exhibited professional and ethical behaviour that accords with the expectations of the ASF; and
  • be acknowledged by peers to have performed a leadership role and made meaningful contributions to the betterment and/or sustainability of the securitisation or covered bond markets.


Recipients of the ASF Fellows award

Kim Cannon 

Chris Green 

Mary Ploughman 

Michael Codling 

Tim Hughes 

Rob Camilleri 

Patrick Tuttle

Peter Rollason

Stuart Fuller

Fabienne Michaux

Chris Dalton

Bruce Potts 

Greg Medcraft

Bruce Arnold

Nancy Fox

Vernon Spencer

  • Alison Gray
  • Melissa Marzulli
  • Philip Vernon
  • Roger Desmarchelier
  • Ian Graham
  • Peter Hall
  • Brian Salter
  • Tony Gill 

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