APS 120 Workshop (February 2022)

APS 120 is the Prudential Standard which aims to ensure that an authorised deposit-taking institution adopts prudent practices to manage the risks associated with securitisation and to ensure sufficient regulatory capital is held against the associated credit risk. 

This 2 hour workshop is for:

  • Members from treasury departments in ADIs that securitise the ADI’s own assets including for internal RMBS programmes
  • Structurers who want to understand capital treatment and how it drives structuring
  • Middle or back office members who attend to compliance with and reporting on APS 120
  • Non-ADI members who wish to understand the indirect impact on their institutions of compliance by ADIs with APS 120
  • Service providers who wish to understand the transaction and compliance drivers of APS 120‚Äč

  • Course Start Date 16 February 2022
  • End Date 16 February 2022
  • Availability 15 of 16
Learning objectives
  • Learn or refresh the fundamental principles and philosophy of APS 120
  • What’s different from international versions
  • The different types of securitisations recognised by APS 120
  • Compliance with APS 120
  • Fundamentals of APS 120 reporting
  • How the capital treatment drives transaction structuring
  • What’s implicit support and why it can be a problem
Course details
Wednesday 16th February | 2pm - 4pm (AEDT)


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  • APS 120 Workshop (February 2022)
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APS 120 Workshop (February 2022)