Australian Securitisation Fundamentals Online

Australian Securitisation Fundamentals Online is an eLearning program explaining the basics of securitisation funding.

The program offers you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and on the move, using both desktop and mobile devices. 

Key concepts and content are presented by a video facilitator supported by animation, in two 45-minute modules:

  • Part I: Covers the history of securitisation and how it has influenced current market trends. The basic structure of a transaction is also explained and the steps towards initiating a transaction. 
  • Part II: Introduces enhancements and cashflow management techniques that improve the appeal of transactions for investors by reducing risk. The Australian market is discussed and case studies are used to bring the concepts into reality.

The program is compatible with all browsers, with the exception of Internet Explorer versions 8 and 11. If you are still experiencing technical issues, this may be due to your internal network security settings. 

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Australian Securitisation Journal

The Australian Securitisation Journal (ASJ) is the official journal of the Australian Securitisation Forum. The ASJ is published by KangaNews on a semi-annual basis.

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