Securitisation Trust Management

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Course overview


The ASF’s Securitisation Trust Management Program is a one-day course designed to assist those who work in trust management roles understand securitisation products, the roles of various parties to a securitisation, their own and others’ duties at law and under transaction documents and the key risks involved in a securitisation.

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There are no prerequisites to the Securitisation Trust Management course.


Course objectives

  • Identify the most significant features of securitised products and how each has developed
  • Understand the roles played by various parties (i.e. originators, rating agencies, swap and other facility providers, arrangers, investors and ancillary services providers such as auditors, lawyers, tax specialists, insurers or guarantors) within the securitisation process
  • Understand the legal and regulatory requirements for securitisation transactions and identify some of the key associated legal risks
  • Understand accounting and common audit issues relevant to securitisation products
  • Understand types of structures, the associated cashflows and observe the demonstration of a cashflow waterfall model
  • Identify key risks with the aid of practical examples and present effective resolution and best practice techniques

Who should attend

  • Origination and treasury staff (front, middle and back offices) of bank, non-banks and other funding entities and who may describe trust management as part of their role
  • Others who work in funding and treasury roles and who do not consider securitisation activity as their main focus

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