Bouncing back and going strong - building resilience and wellbeing

In 2020 our resilience has been tested like never before. How, when and where we work will likely change forever. The pandemic has caused extreme emotional stress for many; this is being seen in high levels of mental distress and mental illness. Experts are predicting mental health issues continuing to rise as Australian families face long periods of financial stress and underemployment from the fall out of the economic impacts of the pandemic.

This program of 4 interactive on-line workshops provides education, training, and tools to strongly support your ability to sustain resilience and support your ongoing mental wellbeing. Enrolment is open to women only.

This program is one of the ASF's more popular programs and early enrolment is encouraged to avoid disappointment as places are strictly limited. 

  • Course Start Date 28 October 2020
  • End Date 18 November 2020
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As a participant, you will have the opportunity to deep-dive into your own resilience and mental wellbeing. You will complete evidence-based assessments, gain understanding and insight into yourself, learn easy-to-apply individual strategies to grow your resilience, enhance your mental wellbeing and build a personalised and motivating plan for your longer-term mental health. The facilitators will work with you to:

  • Instil confidence that you have the internal resources to cope with day to day ups and downs as well as more significant challenges
  • Embrace challenge and risk as a chance to learn and grow
  • Stay poised in emotionally-charged situations and lift the spirits of those around them
  • Feel in control of their work and life, as opposed to bit players or powerless observers
  • Stay committed and focused on goals and outcomes when the going gets tough
  • Build the self-belief to influence others in periods of volatility and uncertainty, developing the resolve to deal with conflict and difficult situations

Program details

This program is delivered over 4 consecutive weeks in 90-minute live virtual workshops.  You will get the best out of this program if you interact and contribute in the sessions and commit to reflect and test ideas between sessions.

  • Building resilience through mental agility and helpful mindsets | Wednesday October 28 | 1pm - 2.30pm (AEDT) 
  • Building resilience and finding enjoyment and satisfaction at work and in life through the application of your energising performance strengths | Wednesday November 4 | 1pm - 2.30pm (AEDT) 
  • Supporting resilience and moving towards flourishing at work and in life through mental wellbeing strategies |  Wednesday November 11 | 1pm - 2.30pm (AEDT) 
  • Bringing it all together - envisioning your best resilient self and a plan for supporting your mental health into the future | Wednesday November 18 | 1pm - 2.30pm (AEDT)

What past program participants had to say 

 "I had the opportunity to reflect on and face struggles and weaknesses, and learn techniques and approaches to deal with them."

"A great opportunity for further development, the course is different to the usual career training offered and is applicable for both your personal and professional life."

"I now have more confidence in my own strengths and abilities. I feel like I have something unique and valuable to give."

"Debra and Kate were great and fostered an environment where everyone felt very comfortable to share their thoughts."

About the Facilitators

Kate Wilkie and Debra Close of Flourishing Works Coaching will co-facilitate the workshop sessions. They are passionate about supporting people to be their best at work and in their broader lives through strong mental wellbeing and the ability to be resilient to pressure, change and challenge.

Underpinning their speaking, training, workshops and coaching are evidenced-based practices and tools from the sciences of wellbeing, positive psychology, coaching psychology and neuroscience. Sessions are highly engaging and interactive, and always focused on tangible and measurable outcomes.With practical strategies which are easy to implement and lead to lasting change

Both Debra and Kate hold the Masters of Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney and are accredited in leading psychometric tools and assessments.

Places on this program are strictly limited and the ASF reserves the option to limit the number of attendees from a single organisation. Preference will be given to ASF member organisations.

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  • Bouncing back and going strong - building resilience and wellbeing
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Bouncing back and going strong - building resilience and wellbeing