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Download PDF article 'Spreading the word to the next generation'

'Spreading the word to the next generation' by Monica Stephens-Saliba
Article from the November 2018 edition of the Australian Securitisation Journal


'FAQ: Getting to know FLYP'
Article from the November 2017 edition of the Australian Securitisation Journal 




Past events

16 October 2019 

Careers Over Canapés Evening (Brisbane)

Hosted by King & Wood Mallesons

An insightful panel of esteemed industry leaders provided their unique perspectives and career journeys followed by audience Q&A.    

28 August 2019 

Connections Over Canapés Evening (Sydney)

Hosted by Macquarie Bank

An evening of networking and inspiration featuring Heidi Buchanan, Founder and Director of Media Mentor, spoke on 'The Power of Connection – Engaging with Integrity'. Heidi shared her insights on how to network with confidence and integrity, and its value in career development.   

30 May 2019 

Careers Over Canapés Evening (Melbourne)

Hosted by La Trobe Financial 

An insightful panel of esteemed industry leaders provided their unique perspectives and career journeys followed by audience Q&A.    

26 November 2018 

Meet the FLYP Subcommittee

Networking session at the Australian Securitisation 2018 conference 

Conference delegates in their first ten years of securitisation had the opportunity to meet the FLYP Subcommittee members and share their conference experiences.  

21 June 2018 

Inaugural Brisbane FLYP event

Held at Blackbird Bar & Grill 

FLYP's Brisbane contingent enjoyed a relaxed get together over drinks and canapés overlooking the river on the Gatsy Deck.  

24 May 2018 

Careers Over Canapés Evening (Sydney)

Hosted by Allens 

A relaxed night of career insights, wine tasting and tasty canapés at Allen's Sydney offices. 

The panel of FLYP members shared their stories and insights into building a career in securitisation, followed by a candid Q&A session.  

8 February 2018 

Inaugural Melbourne FLYP event

Hosted by La Trobe Financial 

On the eve of the Seoul Winter Olympics, guests were treated to a very special evening featuring world champion aerial skier and motivational speaker, Jacqui Cooper.  

Jacqui shared with us her story of self-belief, passion, triumph, tragedy and the ability to overcome adversity. 

15 June 2017

Inaugural Sydney FLYP event

Hosted by Ashurst

The very first FLYP event was a great night for the young professionals of the industry. Guests enjoyed drinks, canapés and an opportunity to network on the deck at Ashurst's No. 5 Martin Place offices.


The Future Leaders and Young Professionals (FLYP) Subcommittee broadly aims to:

  • complement the existing administrative opportunities currently accessible to more senior members of the ASF
  • provide a pathway for future leaders to develop the skills necessary to step into more senior administrative roles within the ASF in the future

Subscribe for communications

If you are in your first 10 years in a securitisation-related role and would like to receive communications on the FLYP initiative, please email  Lynsey Jackson.

Current working aims

To provide future leaders and young professionals in the securitisation industry opportunities to:

  • engage more broadly with the securitisation industry
  • foster their networking and leadership skills
  • develop administrative and corporate governance skills
  • focus on emerging technology and innovation
  • provide direct support to other Subcommittees
  • broaden awareness of the securitisation industry to non-industry participants

Three overarching activity streams

Consistent with the aims above, the following table sets out the three proposed streams into which the intended activities will be divided.

Involvement and assistance Education and career development Networking and social activities
Provide support to other Subcommittees (senior FLYP Subcommittee members participating as observers to coordinate support efforts)
Provide additional resources to assist with the conduct of the ASF's educational programs
Periodic events (frequency to be determined) tailored to the FLYP Subcommittee constituency
Coordinate deployment of FLYP Subcommittee resources for ASF initiatives
Foster networking and leadership skills for the future of the ASF. Target new entrants into the industry, particularly those that are still in university
One flagship, marquee annual event


Read the official charter of the ASF Standing Subcommittees.


Katrina Huang (Chair) Challenger
Amy Kok            
Andrew Crawshaw-Fardouly            
Briana Bentley King & Wood Mallesons
Dong Jin National Australia Bank
Ellie Wylie            
Lucie Allcock            
National Australia Bank            
Lynsey Thorrington
Maddy Ebrill
Sagan Rajbhandary            
Tim Salewicz            
Victoria Gao Commonwealth Bank of Australia

For more information please contact the FLYP Subcommittee Chair, Katrina Huang.


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