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The Australian Securitisation Forum, courtesy of Bloomberg Finance L.P and Westpac Institutional Bank, is pleased to provide a snapshot of the Australian structured credit market. Please note that for the purposes of the aggregated data charts, the statistics provided by Bloomberg include private deals (i.e. deals that are not disclosed to the public). Where deal names are provided, private transactions are excluded. 

Last updated: Bloomberg quarterly data - 5 April 2024; Westpac covered bonds data - 15 February 2024. Click charts to enlarge.

Securitised Issuance


Residential Mortgage Backed Securities

Residential Mortgage Backed Spreads & Top Issuers

Asset Backed Securities


Bloomberg Quarterly Structured Finance Overview

Australia Structured Finance Overview Q1 2024 (Bloomberg)

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Andrea Brenari
EMEA & APAC Structured Finance Products | Bloomberg

Yang Yang
Data Analyst | Bloomberg

Moeka Nakamura
Data Analyst | Bloomberg



Martin Jacques
Head of Securitisation | Westpac Institutional Bank



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