AOFM Quarterly SFSF Update

AOFM Quarterly SFSF Update

AOFM Quarterly SFSF Update

Jul 15 2020

In this update, the AOFM states that at 30 June 2020 total SFSF investments and commitments were just over $2.7 billion.

The update provides information about activity undertaken by the AOFM in 3 keys areas:

  1. Public markets
  2. Private (warehouse) markets
  3. Forbearance SPV (fSPV)

The ASF has worked with the AOFM to establish a special purpose vehicle that will support the capacity of small lenders to make forbearance provision for Covid-19 related hardship cases among their borrowers. The AOFM sought expressions of interest to participate in the fSPV on 21 May. Information for lenders wishing to express interest can be found on the AOFM website.

The AOFM expects that the fSPV will be in a position to on-board participants during the course of this month, with drawdowns to be aligned with the payment cycles of the participating trusts.

BNY Mellon has been appointed as trustee, trust manager and security trustee for the fSPV and the collateral verification agent (CVA) will be Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

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