Nov 05 2021

The AOFM has today again invited market participants to submit proposals to be considered for investment by the ABSF. There is no longer a deadline for receiving proposals but there are restrictions on the frequency of submission.

It has also provided more information and guidance on the format of investment proposals and encouraged market participants to arrange a time to seek feedback from the AOFM on the preliminary proposal prior to making a submission. 

In summary proposals should include the following:

  1. A pitch book or standard investor information pack
  2. A detailed draft Term Sheet which sets out the terms and structure of the transaction that is proposed for investment by the ABSF. 
  3. A statement of claims against the ABSF investment principles
  4. A completed copy of the SME lending market survey, which can be downloaded here.
  5. An undertaking to collect data in accordance with the SME data template published by the ASF, which can be found here.
More detailed information about what should be included in ABSF proposals, seeking feedback from the AOFM, proposal frequency and expected timeframe are available on the AOFM website.

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