New Zealand Securitisation Conference 2023 - Wrap up

New Zealand Securitisation Conference 2023 - Wrap up

New Zealand Securitisation Conference 2023 - Wrap up

May 18 2023

On May 10 over 120 New Zealand securitisation market participants gathered at the offices of ANZ in Wellington for the inaugural ASF New Zealand Securitisation Conference. Delegates heard from economists, issuers, researchers and investors as they provided insights into the state of the securitisation industry.

Key highlights and takeaways:

Market growth: The conference highlighted the continued growth and development of the New Zealand securitisation market driven in particular by non-bank lenders. Despite challenging economic conditions, the market continues to grow in terms of issuance volume and number of issuers. Nonbank lenders remain cautiously optimistic about prospects for further growth particularly whilst unemployment levels remain low supporting repayment of debt by consumers.

Investor confidence: Investor confidence in the New Zealand securitisation market remains strong on both sides of the Tasman.

Asset classes: Various asset classes within the securitisation market were discussed, including residential mortgages ,auto consumer loans. Presenters provided insight into the performance and outlook for each.

Outlook and opportunities: The conference concluded with an optimistic outlook for the New Zealand securitisation market. Participants expressed confidence in the market's resilience, potential for growth, and ability to adapt to changing market dynamics.

KangaNews conference report: Securitisation finds its role in New Zealand despite near-term headwinds

Participants in the New Zealand securitisation market believe the asset class has an increasing role to play in the local credit landscape on the back of growing momentum in recent years. Economic and regulatory challenges are likely to put a ceiling on near-term growth but there is a baseline level of confidence in asset quality and the risk-return equation of structured finance. Click here to read more.


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