ASF engagement with Energy Efficient Mortgages Initiative

The European Energy Efficient Mortgages Initiative (EEMI), supported by the European Commission, was established as a European sustainable finance framework to help foster demand for energy efficient mortgages and ultimately pave the way for market transformation and carbon reductions.  

The Advisory Council of the EEMI, which includes representatives from the European Investment Bank, the World Bank, the Scottish Government, the Climate Bonds Initiative and most recently the Japan Housing Finance Agency (extending the global reach), plays a key role in promoting and facilitating dialogue between policymakers, stakeholders from the financing and banking communities, property and construction sectors, with the ultimate goal of achieving market development in relation to energy efficient mortgages.  

The ASF and a number of its members have had discussions with the EEMI coordinator, Luca Bertalot, about the possibility of Australian originators participating in the EEMI pilot scheme and by leveraging off the work being undertaken by the EEMI becoming an advocate for similar approaches in our own region.  

For members who are interested, there will be a conference call on 27 June, primarily intended for EEMI pilot scheme banks, covering the taxonomy for the construction of new buildings and the renovation of existing buildings to fall within the EEMI sustainable finance framework. Please get in touch with Robert Gallimore at the ASF for more details.

See European Commission’s letter on its support of the EEMI

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