ASF consultation on interest rate benchmark reform

The ASF benchmark reform working group has been finalising an industry guideline definition of BBSW and standard risk disclosure language for temporary and permanent unavailability of BBSW. This will be made publicly available through the ASF’s website.

The ASF has also been planning a formal industry consultation to seek feedback from market participants on the benefits and risks of BBSW fallback considerations and alternate benchmarks.  The ASF held an RFP to appoint a consultant to lead the consultation project. Following submissions from four parties, PwC was appointed as the consultant to work with the ASF benchmark reform working group on the project.

A background explanatory paper and questionnaire are currently being developed by the ASF with the assistance of PwC. These documents will be distributed to ASF members and other key securitisation industry stakeholders in Australia and offshore. The documents will form the base of the consultation and will be used to aid the “in person” interview process.  In that regard, the ASF will be reaching out shortly to key representatives of its member organisations to arrange meetings.  

The information collected from the consultation will be collated and contribute to a formal report that the ASF will publish later in the year.

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