Issue 18 - July 2020


  • Foreword by the Federal Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg
  • ASF update: Policy and outreach work by the Australian Securitisation Forum during a critical period
    for the market.
  • Developing and dissecting the Australian Office of Financial Management’s forbearance special purpose vehicle.
  • The role of covered bonds in reviving the Australian credit market during the COVID-19 crisis, and hopes for wider
    adoption by local banks
  • The role of the nonbank sector in New Zealand, the fight for equal treatment in government support packages and crisis resilience
  • Attention may be focused on the COVID-19 crisis, but IBOR transition is not going away. In fact, its global pace
    appears to be accelerating
  • ASF Future Leaders Young Professionals - The Australian Securitisation Forum’s Future Leaders and Young Professionals subcommittee shares insights from its recent market survey.
  • Issuer profiles - Profiles of ASF member issuers active in public securitisation markets
  • Emerging issuers - Profiles of new and emerging ASF member issuers


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