Issue 21 - February 2022


  • ASF Virtual Conference 2021 Event Report: Profiling opinions and insights from participants at the ASF's annual conference held in November 2021
  • A look at the Australian housing and mortgage market, including key risk factors and the potential role of macroprudential intervention
  • Discussions of investor considerations relevant to ESG in securitisation, building ESG scale on the asset side and a global view on integrating ESG principles into securitisation 
  • Australian economic outlook and likely trajectory for 2022
  • Record issuance in New Zealand in 2021 and a look at the challenges and opportunities presented by new regulations
  • A discussions of the emergence and success of new asset classes in Australian securitisation
  • Updates on the path and purpose of automation in the securitisation chain
  • An update on global securitisation developments with a focus on the ongoing process of LIBOR transition
  • A look at how the Australian covered-bond asset class will develop including issuance trends and structuring requirements

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