Securitisation Trust Management

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Course overview

The one-day Securitisation Trust Management course is aimed chiefly at those in internal trust management roles. 

For those that do not consider securitisation their chief speciality, the first hour of the class will be devoted to explaining the securitisation product in general terms. This will ensure all participants begin with at least a baseline level of knowledge. 

The securitisation trust manager role is very important to the well-being of a securitiser’s securitisation activity and broader funding, and therefore financial soundness. 

A trust manager must understand who interfaces with them and what theirs and others’ duties are, where these duties stem from (for example the law, trust deed, regulation from ASIC, RBA and APRA), how and why such duties are discharged, and what pitfalls and risks commonly exist. 

Course objectives

Upon completion of the Trust Management Master Class, participants will be able to:

  • reflect the most significant, common and relevant product environments, entity types, technical issues, and legal issues, and
  • identify best practice techniques whilst recognising a number of acceptable approaches, hinging on institutional preferences, legacy requirements, and product and investor requirements.

Presenters reiterate, and assist you to navigate, that:

  • context is vital, which is why we focus on the securitisation product to identify specific nuances (for example warehouses, APS120 requirements and RBA repo/Eligible Collateral)
  • listening to the same thing said many times in different ways from different participants should enhance your knowledge and skills in such a way that identification of issues before and after they have occurred becomes easier, faster, and more orderly. 

We will also identify the transaction documentations that help ascertain key terms, risks arising, duties/responsibilities, and other things to understand about securitisation transactions (for example its structure, cashflow waterfall, contingent events, support facilities, treatment of arrears and balances).

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Course fees (inc. GST)

  • $750 - ASF members
  • $995 - Non-members



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