Standing Subcommittees

The Australian Securitisation Forum’s subcommittees play a vital role in the organisation’s work. 

Focusing on specific themes within the securitisation industry, the subcommittees allow key market participants to come together under the ASF banner to focus on development and advocacy in the interests of the whole securitisation community.



Read the official charter of the ASF Standing Subcommittees.

Diversity and Inclusion Charter

Read the ASF Diversity and Inclusion Charter


Protocol for ASF Standing Subcommittees and Working Groups

A. Subcommittees

  1. Standing subcommittees are chaired by a member of the National Committee.
  2. Membership of ASF subcommittees is reviewed and confirmed in December for the coming calendar year.
  3. The Charter of each subcommittee is maintained on the ASF website.
  4. Subcommittee members are named on the ASF website.
  5. Topics being addressed by each subcommittee are listed on the ASF website.
  6. An agenda and action items (or minutes) are to be organised by the Chair and the ASF Office for each meeting.
  7. Subcommittees are added and disbanded by a decision of the National Committee.


B. Working Groups

  1. Working groups are established on an as-needed basis by the National Committee or relevant subcommittee Chair.
  2. The working group will be chaired by a member designated by the National Committee or the Chair of the sponsoring subcommittee.
  3. Subject to topic specifics, working groups should be representative of the ASF membership.
  4. Participation in a working group is open to any member of the ASF (no more than two individuals from the same organisation) that: 
    • has a relevant interest in the topic and
    • can make a meaningful contribution to the development of the industry position.
  5. Names of participants of ASF working groups should be listed on the ASF website.
  6. The Chair is to organise minutes or updated discussion paper to record the outcome of each meeting.
  7. Submissions of a working group should be endorsed by the sponsoring subcommittee and the National Committee.

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Australian Securitisation Journal

The Australian Securitisation Journal (ASJ) is the official journal of the Australian Securitisation Forum. The ASJ is published by KangaNews on a semi-annual basis.

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