About Us

The ASF was formed in 1989 to promote the development of securitisation in Australia. It is the peak industry body representing participants in the securitisation market, which include major banks, smaller Authorised Deposit-Taking Institutions, non-bank issuers, fixed income investors and service providers to the sector.

About membership

The ASF performs a pivotal role in promoting and representing the industry to government, regulators, the public, investors and others who have an interest or potential interest both in Australia and overseas, regarding the benefits of securitisation in Australia and aspects of the securitisation industry.

Membership with the ASF offers a unique opportunity to participate meaningfully in shaping the future of securitisation and enhancing its role as a vital sector of Australia’s capital markets.

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Objectives of the ASF



  • Represent the interests of the Australian securitisation market to regulators, Government, the media and other stakeholders to achieve an environment that supports a robust and growing securitisation market.
  • Lead consensus building within the industry on issues of broad importance to support the sustainability and growth of the securitisation market.