Securitisation Fundamentals

Upcoming Courses

Securitisation Fundamentals - Melbourne workshop - July 2024
Melbourne, Australia
  • Capacity 12
  • Days 1
  • Start Date 04 July
  • End Date 04 July
  • Price $820.00
  • Members Price $615.00
Securitisation Fundamentals - Sydney workshop - July 2024
Sydney, Australia
  • Capacity 10
  • Days 1
  • Start Date 24 July
  • End Date 24 July
  • Price $820.00
  • Members Price $615.00


Course overview

The ASF’s Securitisation Fundamentals Program is a four-hour introductory course designed to provide an overview of key securitisation concepts. The course will equip participants with a foundation of how this market sector operates, its purpose and some of its challenges.

Securitisation Fundamentals is also a highly recommended stepping stone if you are considering enrolment in the Securitisation Professionals course, and have little to no exposure to the securitisation market.

Course Flyer


As Securitisation Fundamentals is an entry-level course there are no prerequisites.

Course objectives

  • Understand how the securitisation market has developed
  • Understand key terminology and concepts of securitisation
  • Understand the roles played by industry participants (e.g. originators, rating agencies, trustees, swap providers, arrangers, investors and ancillary services providers such as auditors, lawyers, tax specialists, insurers)
  • Understand the benefits and risks of securitisation
  • Understand the securitisation process through case studies of real securitisation transactions
  • Network with other financial market professionals

Who should attend

  • Those looking to develop an understanding of securitisation (without necessarily working as securitisation practitioners or in the securitisation sector)
  • Any other market professionals