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Course overview

The ASF's Securitisation Professionals Program has been the training mainstay of the Australian securitisation industry for over a decade. It provides financial market professionals with a succinct overview of the structure of the Australian securitisation industry, how it operates and its development. It is structured to provide participants with an understanding of how securitisation can be used by asset originators to fund operations through capital markets.

Participants will gain an insight into securitisation and its benefits, as well as discuss alternative structuring techniques, MBS, ABS and ABCP programs, legal and accounting issues, rating agency methodology, pricing procedures and investor considerations. The course also addresses the constantly changing areas of law, regulation, accounting and taxation, which must be considered when preparing an issue.


Course objectives

Upon completion of the Securitisation Professionals, participants will be able to:

  • describe the major features of securitised products, and determine their relevance to key financial market clients
  • consider pricing models to investigate outcomes that could meet client/issuer requirements
  • analyse the implications of rating agency considerations for product development
  • communicate concepts understood clearly and persuasively in class and assessment, utilising various technologies and information systems
  • provide effective recommendations for given scenarios that meet requirements and expectations


Topics covered

  • The securitisation process
  • Basic structuring concepts
  • Term RMBS and ABS structures
  • Legal and regulatory issues
  • Accounting and tax issues
  • Credit analysis considerations
  • Executing a deal



Securitisation Fundamentals is recommended if participants are new to the industry, or have had little exposure.

Course fees (inc. GST)

  • $2,045 - ASF members
  • $2,725 - Non-members



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