ASF SME data reporting template

The ASF has undertaken a review of the SME data reporting template and has produced version 2 of the data template and also a new explanatory dictionary that defines and explains the terms used in each of the fields of the data template. 
The data template and the dictionary were developed with input from a broad group of industry experts (comprising issuers, investors, credit rating agencies, trustees, the AOFM (administering the ABSF) and other key market stakeholders). 
The purpose of the data template is to encourage a more standard approach across the securitisation market to reporting commercial securitisations (secured and unsecured) which local and offshore investors are receptive towards. 

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ASF SME data reporting template - Version 2

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ASF SME data reporting template - Data dictionary

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IBIS ANZSIC Mapping Workbook

This document provides a mapping of all IBIS Industry Codes to their corresponding ANZSIC Industry Codes.
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