ASF guidance on SME data reporting

ASF guidance on SME data reporting

ASF guidance on SME data reporting

Jun 24 2021
In late 2019, the ASF established a working group (comprised of issuer, investor, trustee and analytics members and the AOFM) to develop a data template for SME receivables (secured and unsecured) to assist the AOFM establish a guideline for reporting requirements of the ABS Fund and also to encourage a more standard approach to reporting commercial securitisations to domestic and offshore investors. 

The SME receivables reporting working group is close to finalising the initial version of the Australian template for SME loans. The template has now been circulated to a wider group of lenders, investors and rating agencies for final comments by 25 June.  The ASF also met with the Reserve Bank of Australia on 23 June to take them through the template and discuss its suitability for their data gathering purposes.

The ASF would welcome any comments on the draft template by no later than 30 June after which it will be finalised for publication and use by members.

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